About Dr Lisa Anderson


Dr Lisa Anderson

Dr Lisa Anderson is currently developing a series of works that explore issues of peace between peoples and for the environment.

The overall project shinyshinyworld was developed while Creative Fellow at University of Wollongong Creative Arts Faculty.

Ice Caravans, a large scale installations exploring the intellectual concerns of shinyshinyworld is being developed as a part of her research as Visiting Scholar in Architecture at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Dr Lisa Anderson and the shinyshinyworld can be contacted by email at contact@lisaanderson.com.au

Lisa Anderson works across a broad range of media creating images, films and digital works that explore issues of weather and it’s consequences including the movement of peoples and animals, the shifts in legends and mythology specific to locations, the effects of climate change in our global environment.

Anderson has exhibited extensively over nearly three decades. Her 1998 work Singing up Stones was the first projection on the Sydney Opera House and Anderson is developing a version of this work to stage on the site again. Anderson’s video work sand:bone:clay, a multiscreen exploration the tragic story of Lake Mungo, was a special screening alongside the 2011 Istanbul Biennale and International Symposium on Experimental Art.

Based in Sydney, Anderson exhibits regularly in Sydney, London and Beijing and is included in major private and public collections. Residencies include Arctic adventures on a Russian Icebreaker, exploring UNESCO sites in the Bay of Biscay, Antarctica and travel in remote Australia, Central Java, the UK and other sites with weather specific stories. Lisa Anderson holds a doctorate in Creative arts from the University of Wollongong.

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