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Ghosts-&-Devi-small-copy-2Artist Statement

This immersive installation commissioned by BIFB from my shinyshinyworld projects that look experimentally into environment to see what we usually do not see, the marks left by legends of place the scars buried in landscape.

We will walk away enticing our imaginations to look at the movement and blur of photographs, the colours of smell and sound will help us connect more willingly to an overlay of story about this controversial place.

The stories and images I present here are about seeking understandings of local legends and the footprints left behind by others in usually remote locations, from the heights of the Himalayas, to the deep Malaysian rainforest.

Around the video works and infrared photographs are domestic games of mark making, movement and surprise and the gentle Guardians will use the Federation Bells to bring up the now silent breath of the auditorium.

It is a stimulant for your imagination to understand what marks and therefore makes a space, as wide as an Indian palace and as wild as a tropical rainforest. These images play within the shadows of Civic Hall and let you invent your own story, colour and smell of Civic Hall In The Breath of Ghosts.

Artist Bio

There has been a growing interest in video and projection-based installations since Dr Anderson created the first projection on the Sydney Opera House in 1998. Her career has focused on working within the edges of urbanised landscape in art, architecture and environment. She is able to create projects that blend experimental technology with traditional processes to explore and re-interpret contemporary issues.

She has created major public art permanent and performance works for Festivals, including the St Tropez Film Festival, SXS in Denmark, Jubilee Festival London, Ten Days on the Island, Tasmania and the Sydney Biennialle. Recent works have been included in “The Feel of Color’ at the Louvre, Paris; and ‘Identity and Body’ at Venice House during the Venice Biennalle, and Iceberg at Wollongong Regional and Customs House Sydney.

Dr Anderson is an Honorary Professor at Federation University and continues residenies and projects in Norway, Iceland, Denmark and both the Arctic and Antarctic working with various international organisations to create a series of projects, videos and installations as the shinyshinyworld.

Performance dates:

Aug 23 / 30 & Sept 06 from 3pm – 6pm (Sunday)
Aug 29 & Sept 05 from 3pm – 6pm (Saturday)
Aug 26 from 12pm – 3pm (wedensday lunch time)
Sept 02 Sept from 12pm – 3pm (wedensday lunchtime)

Guardians groups take approximately 20 minutes with limited numbers and bookings are advised.

Ticket Cost: $10 and $5. Booking through

Venue Name: Civic Hall

Venue Address: Crn Mair Street and Armstrong St Ballarat

The Federation Handbells are managed by Museum Victoria on behalf of Creative Victoria Assistance from Regional Arts Victoria to host workshops is acknowledged


Civic Hall at BiennaleBallarat’s Civic Hall is hosting its first public art exhibition in more than a decade, as part of the International Foto Biennale.

Infrared photographs, robots and videos have taken residence in the building’s main auditorium.

Posted by WIN News Ballarat on Wednesday, August 26, 2015


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Date August 2015
Project shinyshinystory