Laneway Brides

Laneway bride #10 copy

Launch : 21st of August

Where : Police Lane, Ballarat (next to the Art Gallery of Ballarat)

These photographs explore the idea of the ‘bride’ in the edges of Ballarat.

The over scaled figure looks down on us from the sky, and suspended in tension between the  stately buildings of the Art Gallery and the Colonialists Club. The Laneway itself once led to the police
campsite from the days of goldfields. The work places the tense nature of ‘choice’ for the brides of the goldfields and the mix of tensions in a fast developing city. This intervention hints at some of the hidden stories of Ballarat.

This work is a part of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale and was commissioned by the City of Ballarat.


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Date August 2015
Project shinyshinystory