The Studio

studio1This image is the largest painting from the ‘Love’ series of works. I have been playing with the idea of ‘Shiny Shiny Girl’ as a quote from Hugo Weaving to Cate Blanchett in the film Little Fish. So the Love series plays with shiny reflective surfaces, but also a ‘girly’ approach to a world in confusion, a world we do not really understand. Shiny shiny is about trying to create a section of the world that adores beauty as a way of keeping out the hoorror of the political world around us. I guess songs like ‘all you need is love’ by the Beatles is one of those songs that aspire to shiny shiny. The painting has gold leaf and freshwater pearls, with oil paint and ink text. 1.84m x 1.22m.

This image is a corner of the studio and contains lots of small works that I am developing as well as the beginning of a light installation. There are some ideas I have been developing for some time, including shaped canvases and torn and woven drawings, submerged in olive oil and cryro-paked. The intention is to make a largescale installation work that develops over time in a public/corporate type space. A big atrium in the city some where would be perfect! There is a drawing in progess on the wall behind the papier mache figures. The drawing plays with the idea of Love as an opposite to hate and studies the bodies that lie between those poles. The papier mache figures are translucent and the intention is to make lots and lots of them with lights inside. Perhaps in different formations…in rows or in a grouping.I will keep you posted on the development of these.


This image has a number of stacked canvases in the studio. The Love painting from the Shiny Shiny series is on the easel. While there is Chandelier in Blue, leaning against the wall, and one of the Roses and Pearls pictures also leaning. The desk at the front of the image is loaded up with those things that occupy every stuio and playspace, samples of some ceramic platters that I am making, a goldleafed streer skull, candlearbra in a status of play and transformation.


This image is of a papier mache model on the antique dressmakers dummy in the corner of the studio. This life size sculpture includes translucent papers and calligraphy and will form a part of the groups of these sculptures with a light based installation. Behind this sculpture on the wall are some of the small paintings from the Love series. They are oil paintings on gold leaf, with ink texts, freshwater pearls, alloy chains and lead crystal lustres from Brussels. These small paintings are stories of love, and remembering the closness to a body of bot a lover, and one loved. Some of the text is from the song ‘It’s all too beautiful’.

These images are taken randomly in the studio and show some of the images and ideas that I am currently working with. I will keep updating these and discuss some of the ideaas at regular intervals. So keep checking!