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Faerie Logic:

Hoodoo Equations


The title plays with the links between folklore and science, including the times of story telling and our landscape read through geology. A Hoodoo is a column of rock pushed up through the earth allowing gases and fumes to push into our atmosphere, while in some local stories within Faerie cultures of Scandi countries a similar word to Hoodoo is used as the description of the rocks that stand near the entrance to Trolls underground lairs.

In both cases they represent the visitation of otherness from within the landscape.

They also represent our intrusions as unwanted as the trolls and the fumes are both a kind of 'fighting back' by the planet.


On the large central almost funeral column is a plaque-like attachment.

This is a cast of a landmine, text is  'point towards enemy'. It is pointed towards us, the viewer. The intruder on a landscape so made of history, and story and science that we have no knowledge of.


I cast this landmine at Holdsworthy Defence Force while creating the War Memorial for Liverpool in 1993.


This installation also uses laser lights to twinkle playfully against the forms of columns. With the stainless steel pot scourers highly reflective and the fur sucks in the light.



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