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The exhibition is on at the Victorian Pride Centre, Fitzroy St, St Kilda. Nov 8 until Jan 5. 2023/4.   All works are for sale.

This exhibition is the culmination of research work created through Dr Anderson's Rupert Bunny Fellowship, 2023, for Port Phillip.

The exhibition centers around Dr Anderson's ongoing research into environmental disaster and folklore figures and stories that are about this telling of the landscape. Images created over many years of residencies in both the Antarctic and Arctic have been burned and scarred to tell the cruel stories of the Anthropocene, while Port Phillip images have been photographed using some infrared customisations and mirror effects to suggest an end-of-days warning alongside a strange beauty that is the nature of beguiling.

echoes warning #1.jpg

Echoes Warning

This image uses a mirror effect to play with the mythical idea of Echo, the voice of nature in many cultures but cursed to only repeat the last words said to them.

 The happy accident with my infrared setup creates an other-worldly glow of the fires that have happened in Australia as warnings of environmental disaster to come.

As well as On The Beach  the movie made at St Kilda in 1957. This film starred Ava Gardener and Melbourne was the last place on earth as global  nuclear mistakes were destroying the planet.

1590 x50 cm. 2023. print on metal.

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