Dr Anderson is an Honorary Professor, Federation University

Dr Anderson is an Honorary Professor, Federation University undertaking residencies in remote locations to create broad-media installations exploring myths and legends in landscape and reflecting on engagement with the notions of Universalism in finding ways forward in Climate Change dystopias. The engagement cultures and peoples have with the earth, landscape and weather is often moderated through the lens of folklore including the gods and sprites, the ghosts and faeries, the trolls and bunyips of our beliefs and stories. It is this fission of understanding landscape and architecture through exploring the migrant ghosts of people and animals who have moved at will or force through our histories that informs the decisions made in creating these installations.

The works explore the histories and rhythms found in landscape and our architecture that expands infinitely across the planet. Those elements that are hidden including the boots and dead cats that were built into lintels in English architecture, and the Min Min lights that lead us astray on our journeys across the Australian landscape and the reflections of Northern Lights that are witness to the wars of the gods and the imps hidden in the Lincoln Cathedral by the masons from the old religion. They are the matter of desire to understand, to protect to survive; they are the ghosts of times past and the teller of ghosts of futures.

The different works have explored and utilized the patterns of ice forms to trace the disappearing glaciers in the Nunavut Territories, the movement of reindeer across the north, traveling with Sami and Chukchi across the ice as a continued pattern of survival.

These are images from the short video work IAMYOU. 2017. It is a self portrait in search of my ghosts.

Copyright Lisa Anderson.

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