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Dr Anderson

Dr Anderson over many years has undertaken residencies in remote locations to create broad-media installations exploring myths and legends in landscape and reflecting on cultural historic engagement with Climate Change dystopias.Peoples' cultural readings of the earth, landscape and weather is often moderated through the lens of folklore including the gods and sprites, the ghosts and faeries, the trolls and bunyips and monsters of our beliefs and stories. It is this fission of understanding landscape and architecture through exploring the migrant ghosts of people and animals who have moved at will or force through our histories that informs the decisions made in creating these installations which interrogate difference through the hidden.

That notion of the hidden incorporates questions of sexualities within identity and therefore of place. A question of the shifting meanings of our stories as we understand and shift difference alongside broader contexts of what makes marks in landscape.

These are images from the short video work IAMYOU. 2017. It is a self portrait in search of my ghosts.

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