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Into the Forest- Green Faerie. small cop

Into the Forest: Green Faerie Digital Collage Print. 2020.

During our covid lockdown the forest was one of the few places we could wander. A wild and lonely place. A favourite of young men to play, burn their stolen vehicles and party.

An odd place full of stories and ghosts and gods, that echoes with long lost gold miners, race riots and many misspent youth.

These works play with the eerie existence inside the forest. A plantation forest and unlike any of our natural bush land. These forests are an oddity and an open wound on our

environment despite being plantation timbers they destroy the thin soils and destroy the homes of native animals and spirits. A place of European mushrooms and hollow

and empty woods making nests for rubbish not birds.

The rough collage image floating across the images reference other places through the ideas of faerie, ghosts and gods. Those things hidden in the forest that echo a detritus

of legend and myth in an uncomfortable edge of trees that do not belong and yet create this landscape of dreams.

The images come from my projects in Thailand, Iceland and other places looking at the relationship between folklore and environment as story telling is very much about

understanding nature and our place within it as about good story.

Into the Forest- hidden gods very small

Into The Forest: Small Gods. digital print. 2021. various sizes available.

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