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In The Breath of Ghosts


This photographic and lens based installation occupies the Civic Hall in the 21st Century bringing hidden stories and legends in this space marked and graffitied with its long history. The installation allows people to encounter the concepts of ghosts and spirits, gods and sprites as vibrant and dynamic elements of our world, hidden within our architecture and our landscape. The immersive elements embrace you; your small group you will be guided by sounds and lights to refresh your own inner connection to a hidden world.Many of the images printed on metal were a part of an artist residency Lisa Anderson of the shinyshinyworld undertook in the Himalayas in March of 2015. Carrying weighty camera equipment in remote regions, Lisa used Infrared Photography to create images of the monuments, the spiritual representations and the landscape in the Himachal Pradesh. These images are created using light spectrum not usually visible to the human eye and electromagnetically sitting nearer to micro-wave spectrum than our visual light spectrum. You will see here the resonance of the infrared investigations into what we do not usually see, as light and shadow combine in eerie and rare memento pieces.Small earthquakes rumbled much of this mountainous area as the Himalayas were shrugging off the expanding populations with their buildings and roads. This movement of the earth, the figures of gods and goddesses and the almost yoga poses needed to control the equipment to create these images is captured within the blurred edges, the harsh contrasts and the sense of breathing an air too thin for people. This high and thin air suits the deodar forests and the spirits and animals hidden in the landscape. The video pieces and sounds have played with this idea of seeking the hidden, of holding the camera against a breathing chest and listening and looking into the shadows to find a light that will show what we have forgotten to see.



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