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I am currently the Artist-in-Residence at

the amazing Abbotsford Convent.

The place has an extraordinary history and

belongs to the community.

It is a huge arts precinct. Always something happening.

Performances, galleries, artist studios and creative workers

from festival managers to radio stations, fabric printers,

designers, jewelers and ceramists.

My project started with the ideas of the Yarra which runs through it..but it has been snake season. The history of

the laundry called me.

Women were sent here for being 'wayward' which seems to be code for almost anything! Sent by courts, families and the church. They became free labour for the Laundry to fund the convent. This cruel practice only stopped with the uptake of domestic washing machines.

For me I was seeking the idea of love here. So many women together under such conditions..there must have been friendship and love.

I hope the ghosts of queer desire find each other now.

I have been making costumes, video works, and screens made from hankies and other laundry/female elements to project on.

a one night show will happen in June.

The residency finishes then.

Too Too brief.

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