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Breath of Giants Exhale (inhale).jpg

In the Breath of Giants : Inhale Exhale

This installation of the bears is outdoors, they are timed to inflate and deflate. Yerring Station Sculpture Prize 2019.

Teddy Bear Extinction.jpg

Teddy Bear EXtinction : Series

The images and stories of disappearing giants.



Paper Gods and Paper Ghosts. for exhibition in Bangkok. Feb 2020 at Subhashok Arts Centre.

Image from new work being developed in Chiang Mai. Paper Gods and Paper Ghosts. Photographs, video and installation.


Still from Video IAMYOU. 2018.

Video work of 8'. Explores idenitity of language and knowledge using folklore, books, calligraphy and burnt markings.


The Mountain Breathes.  Breath of Ghosts installation. Civic Hall. BIFF. 2017

This infrared image printed on aluminium was created during a residency in the Himalayas at the beginning of major earthquakes across the region.


Huldefolke: Hidden People.

Photograph printed on blankets, created during a residency in Iceland

freinds and strangers wearing the simple mask and playing with the belief in Trolls, elves and faerie.

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