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 Residency in Svalbard: Landscape as Symbol

Landscape- Symbols + Fire.jpg

This is the beginning of a new series using printed images I created in Svalbard. It is of the view of North of the Wall in Game of Thrones, I have burned with incense and kerosene into the print a symbol of nature and time, a spiral symbol of futures and unity.  Look into the landscape for symbols hidden. A new way of looking using blends of science, history and topology into a seeking of knowledge and understanding as the weather is changing.

This work was a part of a residency at he Museum and Gallery of Longyearbere in Svalbard.

This is a magical place with a history of spies and nazi attacks, coal mining,and polar bears.

More bears than people. This image marks the edge of the town and to go outside this zone requires being armed and ready to shoot.

This is an edge of the world place. fueled by tourists who come for three days to go to an ice cave, see bears, see northern lights, hike some of the most dangerous territory in the world and eat some incredible food. It is eye wateringly expensive as everything is flown in or must come by ship.

It is a symbol for climate crisis in slow motion.

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